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DelphiWebStart System Manual
Author: Max Kleiner
Language: english
Hits: 12810

Loading different apps or several files without a browser over a TCP/IP net and on Win as Linux as well needs a decision once. With a loader on the client side, no further installation is in charge, we call that DelphiWebStart.
We had the requirement starting different applications from a Linux or windows server, wherever you are. We call it Delphi Web Start (DWS). In short the DWS-client gets a list and after clicking on it, the app or the file is
loading from a socket server over the net to client with just a stream.

Einen Chat mit den Sockets programmieren
Author: Ultimator+
Language: german
Hits: 16479

Programming a Chat with Indy.

Indy in Depth
Author: Team Indy
Language: english
Hits: 21689

Indy in Depth is an e-book written by the Indy experts themselves. Indy in Depth covers from the very basic introduction to sockets, all the way up to advanced usage. Whether you are an absolute beginner and have never programmed sockets before, or you are an advanced socket developer, Indy in Depth has material suited for you.

ISAPI Programmierung in Delphi - first steps
Author: isapi.ch
Language: german
Hits: 17353

First Steps with ISAPI programming.

WebServices mit Delphi
Author: Max Kleiner
Language: german
Hits: 18512

How to create a webservice with Delphi.

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