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Add&Win Game


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Add&Win is a game, that will reward tip submitters all 14 days. The person which has added the most tips in this time frame, will win a license of a Delphi product or 1 month free banner advertising on SwissDelphiCenter.

Participation rules:
- It is forbidden to copy tips from other authors
- Before you submit a tip, check with the Tip searchengine, if the tip is not already available
- Submit only plain text sourcecode (no HTML formatted source)
- Tips should be commented.
- For each tip you add, you must take the same author name
- A valid email address, that we can contact you if you'll win
- All tips will be reviewed by the SwissDelphiCenter team
- The deadline for submitting tips on 2003/10/19 is 12:00 GMT+1
- If two people have equal points, we will make a lot to decide the winner.

SwissDelphiCenter keeps the right to refuse tips without any reason. The legal process is exclude.

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Author Name:

Author E-Mail:

Author Homepage:




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